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Who am I really? - are we more than a single mind?

There is an ancient tradition in Buddhist practice of meditating on 'koans', or paradoxical riddles, with an aim to go deeper into our inner experience without any 'solutions' or 'outcomes'. The koan 'who am I really?' I find is an immensely powerful meditation as it seems to surface what we consider we are, and then ask ..and what else, is there more to you?

I would like to unpack this a bit more over the next wee while on my blog and offer it out to you. If this helps in any way that would be great, but also if it's not for you, that's great as well..all responses are welcome.

In the meantime, why not take a minute or two to ask this question with openness 'who am I really?' ....a partner? a grown up? my job is me? a parent? a sibling? a sports person? an artist? an academic? just my brain? confident? unloveable? a fraud? the answer to others problems?...

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