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Hey There

I was drawn into being a counsellor/psychotherapist after having grown up in N.Ireland during what is referred to as 'The Troubles', with the inherent legacies and difficulties that living here meant in a polarised society. 

Recognising my own embodied emotional and psychological wounds, I was attracted to models of psychotherapy that could offer a compassionate and holistic transformation and possibility, and I am so grateful that I found just what I needed...and more!

I would like to help you discover your own unique healing and transformations...exciting and privileged work!


A wee bit about me 


When I'm not in the therapy room there are things I like to do for fun and to promote my own well being-: 

 Trekking in nature, beautiful forests or open hills regenerates and relaxes me, and I am privileged to be close to the Celtic mystical landscape of the Antrim Glens.

I practice Tai Chi and attend a small class learning a Wudang style.  This martial art continues to teach and challenge me so much about myself.  It is a mindful practice which demands relaxed concentration, attention to body structure and internal energy and I just love it.

My other joys are to potter about in the garden, and if this is combined with a coffee made with freshly ground beans..well what more do I need to say!





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