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Professional fees

 My professional standing, qualifications (MSc etc), certifications in both Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP), as well as many thousand hours delivering therapy/supervision would entitle me to adopt commensurate top scale fees with other very experienced psychotherapists in the UK and Ireland, however I want to be able to stay within the range of affordability for people to access high quality therapy while recognising it is still far from being accessible for everyone.  I reserve some capacity for clients with less ability to afford private therapy, and I'm very amenable to having a private conversation with you about this if you are a prospective client in those circumstances.

Get a Quote for a bespoke workshop that you want for your agency

I provide bespoke workshop and training experiences for counselling agencies and groups on a variety of topics, including trauma, inner child state work, introductions to Somatic psychotherapy, introductions to working with 'parts' 

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