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What's the craic?

Hi there!

So, this is my first ever blog attempt and I'm not entirely sure how to go about it, other than trying not to have you tune out right away!

Don't be alarmed at the title, this isn't an invitation to compare illegal substances, the word or phrase ' what's the craic' in my part of the world (Northern Ireland) translates into 'how are you doing?' or 'what's the biz or the chat'. A peculiar way to invite curiosity but hey it sometimes is so useful as it gives permission to not have to 'deep dive' anywhere inside, but leaves that open as well.

As I scribble this many parts of the U.K have just had local elections yesterday and today is the counting and seeing who the winners and losers are. I don't intend (wisely, I here a little voice inside tell me) to get into politics as I have no expertise as a commentator on any of that, but I do know a wee bit about life, and if nothing else I can say all political parties and their elected representatives carry all the elements of life which can be generous and creative in contributing to society, but can also hold it's shadow sides and less useful contributions.

I'll stop writing now and offer a wee short video for you to hear my 'dulcet tones' so you can put a voice to the words. I'll weigh in again with a topic, or may even attempt to put a podcast together if I can figure out the technology ...that sounds like fun and stress all at the same time.

thanks for stopping to look. Terry

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