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Getting to know a 'prickly' one inside

This video offering is 9 mins long, which is a lot to ask you to watch I realise, but I'm sure you can make your mind up in the first minute or so whether you want to proceed.

Here are some questions that I offer to you as suggestions for you to get to know a 'part' of yourself if you so choose. There's no right way to do this, if we can hold a little curiosity from our 'heart' towards the one we would like to get to know, it sort of flows from there:

What does it want you to know about itself?

Ask this ‘part’ what it’s job or role is?

· What is its goal for you?

If it didn't show up to do this job what would it be worried about for you?

Can it say when it started to get this role? (this may be a long time ago)

What age does it think you are? (a weird question perhaps, but often our protector parts are quite young themselves, and assume we are also very young).

See if you can give this part some appreciation for it's intention to look out for you, even though it may not be popular inside yourself, or indeed out there in the world.

There are many more aspects to this, but hopefully it gives you a flavour of an initial getting to know you.

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