Clinical Supervision

Terry Shevlin is a Senior accredited supervisor with BACP for both individuals and groups....this means he has satisfied rigorous scrutiny from his professional body in relation to his supervision practice. There are counsellors who supervise others, but not so many that have professional accreditation.

Terry's philosophy of Supervision is to engage relationally with colleagues, in a curious and compassionate way, to all material and parts of us that emerge. It is only in the 'noticing' and 'awareness' of our own developmental themes and patterns that we can best serve our clients....techniques and skills aren't enough on their own.

Terry incorporates awareness of the 'somatic' in supervision, in other words encouraging a deeper paying attention to the more subtle processes that happen in the moment...a sensation, a micro-movement, that may speak volumes about what is going on...the 'transferences and counter-transferences' of each relational encounter.

Creative approaches are encouraged, including the use of objects to symbolise the dynamics.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy trainee's and practitioners

Having completed level's 1 and 2 of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and certified on level 3, Terry is able to offer collaborative supervision (A UK and Ireland understanding of supervision process) with this model in mind for practitioners who are likeminded in using Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in aspects of their work. (please note this is not the same as 'supervision' as defined by the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute based in the USA- there is a different ethos attached to supervision in America).

Internal Family Systems - trainee's and practitioners.

As a 'CERTIFIED' IFS psychotherapist, Terry can collaborate in a supervision space with other therapists who are learning or practice IFS as a primary model.  At some point in the future Terry will be aiming to have a more formalised 'consultative' title with the IFS Institute in the USA, until then supervision hours with Terry will not count in a practitioners certification process. 

Student Counsellors

Student colleagues in training are particularly welcome. Terry was formerly a tutor in counselling training in NRC, and therefore has an appreciation of the angsts and challenges facing colleagues as they embark on a new vocation.

The Supervision models that Terry draws on are 'Hawkins and Shohet' '7 eye model', and the 'Cyclical model' by 'Page and Wosket'.

Supervision of Supervision

Terry has had the privilege of teaching supervision on a level 6 CPCAB curriculum, so he is well aware of the needs of those colleagues training to become supervisors, and can offer consultation on their practice, often referred to as 'Supervision of Supervision'.


SUPERVISION - 1 HOUR £55 and thereafter pro rata.

Supervision of Supervision - 1 hour £55