Couples / Relationship

Newday counselling services offers couples/relationship renewal therapy in a respectful and non-shaming environment.  You and your partner can explore the patterns and 'relational dance' that have led to stuckness, staleness or problems.  The 'sensitive curiosity' that your therapist will help you both develop can lead to new possibilities in your relationship. 

 Old 'blaming scripts' can be replaced by a new deeper understanding of each others most vulnerable fears in the relationship.  

With sensitive experiential enquiry, based on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and including Internal Family Systems, you will both discover the ways that our body movements and gestures have been telling each other 'messages' about the stuckness and hurts, often in an unconscious way and without words.  

The transformation and integration of new patterns of 'being' with each other, is a powerful and very loving experience.

If you wish to invest in your relationship, then you don't have to wait until things come to crisis. 

Whatever the situation you both will be very welcome.  (LGBT affirmative practice)