Times have changed!

This is a first experiment at a short blog and I'm not sure what you would expect from a psychotherapist's musings.  Deep or trivial? Insights or just a bit of a read, nothing too demanding?  These are questions I can only pose at this point until I start scribbling and see what happens.

The clocks have gone back over the past weekend and so once again our season heads for dark and long nights.  I don't know about you, but I quite enjoy the sense of cosying up in front of the wood burner with some good drama on the box, or with a favourite book of poems and a cup of V60 brewed single origin coffee....mmmm..delish!  So, that was a light piece I guess.

As I type I'm acutely aware of some issues that have been center stage in my work and life recently.  Relationships are hard work, and can be messy and painful.  It isn't easy to be authentic with every relationship and be understood, so we tend to operate at times from well worn patterns or habits for coping.  Actually, that's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we are awake to what we're doing, in other words that we choose.  The difficulty arises when we in an 'automatic pilot' mode, and just keep doing what we always have done.  I'm trying to be as 'awake' as I can....not easy!  The other bit I'm learning to do, is to offer 'love' and 'compassion' to the bits of me that I don't particularly like, and sometimes those bits can seem like a crowd!  I have found that the deep love of others that can I allow in, seems to encourage the whole process, and then gets returned....like a weird universal principle in action...' learn to love yourself and you can love others'...hmmm, now that I see it written I think that's a pretty well known 'golden rule' shared by most world philosophies.

If you haven't tried a 'body practice' as yet counsellor or client, then I would encourage you to try one out over the winter time.  This can be a 'yoga' class, 'Tai Chi', 'Pilates', 'dance'.etc..something that really gets you in touch with your body in a nourishing way, and it is super for all round health, particulalry 'mental health'.  Two weekends ago I was at a super 'Qi Gong' workshop in Coleraine, run by 'Ettaline, of Shiatsu and QIGong NI.  What a fab way to pass a Saturday afternoon, and I can honestly say it was so chilled out that I was in a Zen med place 'standing up' to the point of nearly snoozing standing up...bliss! Look Ettaline up on facebook and get to one of her gigs.

In my own Newday practice I'm hoping to line up a few pop-up trainings over the winter, more than likely on the theme of difficult traumas or perhaps some developmental 'inner child' work accessed somatically.  Watch out for this on my facebook page.

On the wider scheme of things the second module of a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy trauma training is happening in Larne at the end of November, and I'm the organiser as well as assisting at the training.  A great bunch of colleagues are enjoying this super training.  Look out for dates for taster sessions in the run up to further Sensorimotor trauma trainings in 2019.

I've recently taken up a challenge to write poetry in the moment, in the Japanese Haiku style, which is 3 lines with 5, 7 and 5 syllables in each...so here goes for this very moment...I'll call it Blog:


Thoughts tumble out words,

keyboard reporting as is,

my world uncovered.

OK, that's enough for my first blog experiment...let me see how it lands?