Pain is real but so is hope

Welcome to NewDay


These are unprecedented times, and at Newday  I am following Government advice and have moved all my work with clients and supervisee's to 'on line'. I am proficient at delivering high quality therapy on line by Zoom or Skype etc so we can continue to work but without any physical contact. 

Our psychological well being is clearly linked to our body's internal resources including the nervous and immune systems, so it could be more important than ever to ensure we have as many resources not to be overwhelmed by fear or plunged into 'hopelessness' by this pandemic crisis.

I am offering priority new appointments (with significant concessions) to front line NHS staff to help them process and support trauma resilience. 

Newday counselling's location in a rural setting (in the Ballymena area),  gives in itself some level of social distancing but of course that isn't sufficient on its own so check out my dynamic page as it the situation develops.  Terry, our lead counsellor, has 13 plus years of experience and is highly regarded in his field. Terry holds a number of qualifications including a Masters degree in counselling and specialist qualifications in trauma, as a 'certified' Sensorimotor Psychotherapist.  


56 Loughmagarry Road, Ballymena BT43 6TW