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Newday services position on -COVID 19 CORONA VIRUS-Update as of 10th October 2020

 Across the UK and Ireland there are very concerning 'spikes' in the virus and now is not a time to be complacent.

In the 'public space' and for everyday situations eg shopping/recreation 'face masks' and equivalent are now the norm.  

Having reviewed all the factors I don't want to risk clients safety and also compromise on a therapeutic experience by being 'guarded' using visors/masks so I have decided to continue with all of my work 'on line'.

I have expertise of delivering 'on line' therapy/supervision over the years, and find it to be very effective, and delivers the same potential of depth as 'face to face'

  Terry, our lead counsellor, has 14 plus years of experience and is highly regarded in his field. Terry holds a number of qualifications including a Masters degree in counselling and specialist qualifications in trauma, as a 'certified' Sensorimotor Psychotherapist.  


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