Pain is real but so is hope

Welcome to NewDay

We offer comprehensive counselling services, including life issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships and trauma.

If you haven't been to counselling before, you may be feeling unsure, even anxious, wondering is it the right thing to do? Don't worry you aren't alone with this, the vast majority of our clients have never been to counselling before and we specialise in making the experience as straightforward as possible.

Contact us and together we will discuss your individual needs, and agree a plan on how to help you should you wish to continue.

Newday counselling is located in a discrete rural setting in the Ballymena area, offering a high degree of confidentiality. Terry, our lead counsellor, has over a decade of experience and is highly regarded in his field. Terry holds a number of qualifications including a Masters degree in counselling and specialist qualifications in trauma, as a 'certified' Sensorimotor Psychotherapist.  


56 Loughmagarry Road, Ballymena BT43 6TW