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COVID 19 CORONA VIRUS-Update as of 23rd June 2020

It is very welcome that there has been an ease of the 'lockdown' rules here in N.Ireland to allow people to meet indoors (with social distancing). 

This means the potential resumption of 'Face to Face' therapy at Newday.  However, because of the need to still be alert to 'contamination' of surfaces etc I have decided to continue with 'on line' therapy until the end of August and assess the situation when a couple of months of easement has happened. 

I have a expertise of delivering 'on line' therapy/supervision over the years, and find it to be very effective, and therefore over the last few months that has proven very important to existing and new clients as well as supervisee's.

Newday counselling's location in a rural setting (in the Ballymena area), lends itself some level of social distancing but of course that isn't sufficient on its own so check out my dynamic page as it the situation develops.  Terry, our lead counsellor, has 13 plus years of experience and is highly regarded in his field. Terry holds a number of qualifications including a Masters degree in counselling and specialist qualifications in trauma, as a 'certified' Sensorimotor Psychotherapist.  


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